Dubai is one of the most rapidly developing city in the whole world and even though the 80% of population in Dubai are foreigners and a perfect blend of traditionalism and modernism, they still continue to wear their traditional costumes, which is a symbol of national pride and identity.

Men at Dubai wear their immaculate white or grey sometimes in other colors ankle length robes, these costumes are called dishdasha. And Women usually wear trousers sirwal fitted tightly at the ankles and over the sirwal is jillabeeya, a floor length dress which is often decorated in embroidery or beautiful beadwork and also covered by a black cloak abaya. Some women cover their face with black cloth called nikab which only reveals the eyes. Some older women wear a canvas mask called a burqa that covers eyes brows, nose and mouth. And almost all women cover their hair with a shaila or hejjab this is due to their religion of Islam.

Today with the influence of traditional and modern fashion some of the women tradiotional women costumes are now in many different styles, cuts and designs as well as colors.

In consideration of local costumes and norms when it comes to dressing up. Small shorts and skirts, tight clothing and to go out bare-chested is not acceptable. It is highly recommend to wear conservative outfits, especially if you are in Abu Dhabi. Its is allowed to wear swimsuits at the beach and pools, but not topless. It is also not allowed to touch each other in public places.

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