ABC is your little guide to how purchase a house located in Dubai.
Method 1 – contact as many real estate agents as possible and get them to search far and wide for a house for you.
The result is they will not bother to spend time helping you, when you have not a concrete criteria, so it becomes a realistic search.
Method 2 – contact a realtor, which is qualified. Then make a concrete criteria of your home, it will make it easier for your realtor. Next is you must make sure that you have the capital ready, when your real estate agent have found the home, it will go fast. So if you do not have the money ready, you risk the property will be sold to someone else, when the market and demand is great.

As shown it is about knowing what you are exactly looking for before you contact a real estate agent in Dubai. You also have the option of collaborating with a Danish real estate agent. There are plenty of Danish real estate agents, with that Dubai has become a popular resort, and the Danish real estate agents have noticed an increasing interests from Danes, who wants to invest a second home in Dubai. One of the reasons are Dubai is tax free, whether personal and property tax free. One of the reasons are also that you are automatically a resident of Dubai and you don’t pay resident tax and entity tax. Also for the reason that you do not pay tax of rental income. This makes it even more attractive to be property in Dubai and then rent it out to tourists

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