Dubailand is a real estate, entertainment, leisure and theme park that are in mega development in Dubai.
Dubailand theme park will cover 45 mega projects making it the most ambitious tourist spot ever created, Dubailand is created to to appeal the tourist audience from all ages, nationalities and interests. Dubailand will be twice as big as Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and there will be a lot more themes in the different area of Dubailand, there will also be a lot more wild rides that you have not yet experience anywhere else in the world.
Dubailand leisure parks will filled with water parks, roller coaster rides and lots of different adventures. Some of the attractions you will find in Dubailand are;

• Snowdome – Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Dome
• Aqua Dubai
• Astrolab resort
• Aviation World
• Falcon City of Wonders
• Fantasia
• Giants World
• Planetarium
• Lego-land Dubai
• Space and Science World
• Sports City
• Eco tourism World – will compromise a series of nature and desert attractions
• Leisure and vacation world – which will consist of spas, health and well being , also vacation village residences, resort hotels and wellness retreats
• Entertainment World – a mix of entertainment, shopping and dining, there will be themed restaurants, and nightclubs

Over all it will be a world for its self in Dubai.

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