In Dubai there is a minimum wage established by law, except you can not provide for your family if you earn less than DHS. 4000 including accommodation, per month. Furthermore, there is a law that if you want a maid, you must earn more than DHS. 6.000 per. month.

In Dubai’s law says the following about wage:

All payments to the worker, regardless of the way payroll is done via the job he is performing for the employer. Salary to cover living expenses. This means that the wages you receive from your employer to cover your expenses.

In Dubai they provide for a basic salary and total salary. The basic salary is a worker’s salary without allowance of any kind. A total salary is a worker’s salary, including spending money, such as travel and lodging money. What kind of salary you should have is something which must be detailed in the contract you are doing in conjunction with your employer.

The contract is the most important when working in Dubai. Make sure it is comprehensive and specified, because if you were to get fired prematurely, the contract can help you get the salary you are entitled. In Dubai it hangs together so that if you get fired before time, then your employer must pay you three months’ salary including expenses. So this amount is related to whether you get a basic salary or total pay. It should be mentioned that if you get fired due to theft, poor construction, no commitment so you will not receive any compensation.

You can do online and offline research on basic salaries in Dubai, first thing is to check out the recruitment agencies in your area or in your country you can also find recruitment agencies online.

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