Dubai Nightlife

Nightlife in Dubai is considered to be the most diverse and lively in UAE, for upscale entertainment and nightlife Dubai Luxury Hotels offers nightlife like Jazz clubs and piano bars as well as Disco clubs.

Dubai nightlife and nightclubs and bars are busy even on the weekdays but especially busy on Saturdays where the best DJ from all over the world flock the city of Dubai to play their remixes, you can find Jazz clubs and Disco clubs and piano bars as well.

As for the closing hours, in Dubai although this is the only city in UAE that is more liberal then most emirates, they have shut their nightclubs early around 1 am to 2 am latest 3 am.

You can find nightlife events many places but most nightclubs are located inside hotel premises so they can offer alcoholic drinks, which are forbidden outside the hotel premises. You can experience luxury nightlife at Burj Khalifa, but you have to stay at inside the hotel compounds to experience nightlife in Dubai.

Dubai has also strict rules regarding clubs, you must be 21 to drink and the bars should close at 3 am no exemptions and lots of clubs have membership advantages, those who are not member in the club has to pay for expensive entrance fee and most clubs are restricted for couples only, but if you hang around outside the nightclub long enough to find a lady that can escort you inside for a drink or 2 you might get in. And most of the nightclubs in Dubai are ladies only, where you can find lots of ladies night events and offers like free drinks or less expensive drinks.

Here are some few great nightclubs

Vu’s cocktail Bar which located at level 51 at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, that has a panoramic views of Dubai skyline and Arabian Gulf.

Ethnika – hottest Fusion Lounge at Keva opens every Friday from 10 pm onwards. You will experience live performance
Keva – an apartment lounge and Club, great for relaxing night out in Dubai where you can experience Live Dj and saxophone from 8 pm.

Skyview Bar – Stunning view from top of Burj Al Arab, great cocktails to sui your mood are offered here, there are also live music 6 days a week.

Club Se7en – new club in Dubai with Live Music and impressive décor, the bar is known for its wonderful and impressive décor, color changing bar and well equipped stage, where there are great Filipino house bands to entertain the guests with their impressive singing talents and playing talents. Although the large space and drinks and snacks as well as Filipino or pinoy foods are served here the place rarely fills up with people.

Lotus One – located at World Trade Convention Centre, a fusion and fresh sensual sounds, great party vibes and cocktails drinks in different colors and exotic taste.

Mix – at Grand Hyatt, the bar the features international Djs, you also find dance club and chill out lounge, this vast nightclub operates 3 floors, which is also a chic lounge most women go to this club to have a great party life.

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