Al Nasr Leisureland

Al Nasr Leisureland is a modern park offering variety of sports facilities which includes ice rink, bowling, swimming pools, amusement park for children, water slides, Go-karts, squash and tennis court and many others.

Al Nasr Leisureland is mainly a place for sports but there are also a lot of things your kids can do at Al Nasr Leisureland, there are parks for children with interactive playgrounds and there are also swimming pools with slides and other amazing rides. For adults there are tennis court, golf courses and many others.

Al Nasr Leisureland is smaller than most amusement parks in Dubai but this does not make it less attractive for tourists, this place is mostly visited by sports fanatic, where they get the chance to relax and enjoy their favorite sports.
There are also restaurants in All Nasr Leisureland, such as Cyclone restaurant. There are also bars where you can get some drinks and relax, also great coffee are served at the cafes of AL Nasr Leisureland.

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