Dreamland Aquapark

Dreamland Aqua Park is older than Wild Wadi Water park, but as much fun as wild wadi, this water park is also ideal for all ages, from kids to adults. Dreamland Aqua Park is located 30 to 35 minutes away from Dubai in an area called Umm AlQuwain. Dreamland Aqua Park has 25 thrilling rides which is set in 250,000 sq.meter of green grounds.
At Dreamland Aqua Park you can have camping with your kids, but you have to check out the camping schedules on their website and make the reservations needed. If you have plans staying in Dreamland for a day or overnight you can check put their accommodation fees and rules as well.

The location is perfect for nature lovers, Dreamland is amazing both water and in land. There are lots of things to do while you stay at Dreamland Aqua Park, you have 35 hours access to the park, there are water rides, water side camping sites, there are also live entertainment both for kids and adults.

There are 2 types of accommodations that are available at Dreamland Aqua Park, you can either choose tents or camp outside or by the water side, or you can choose the wooden cottages or cabins.

The opening hours at Dreamland Aquapark is usually from 10 am to latest 8pm on other days they can have closing hours earliest at 4 pm.

For food and beverages, Dreamland offers a lot of restaurants you can choose from there are also cafes and bars; you can also get a light snack at Snack Attack.

If you are going there as a group there are also group rates that you can avail of you can read more at their website.

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