Important Guidelines

Dubai is a popular holiday spot in the world, and more and more tourist flock the city for luxurious and extravagant holiday. To get the best out of your holiday in Dubai you have make preparations and therefore here are few guidelines for you who want to visit the most beautiful city in the world.

• First you must choose the right time to visit Dubai as there can be extreme weather conditions, some months can be very intolerable hot. The best time to visit Dubai is in the month of November throughout the month of March where the weather is tolerable. This is the winter period in Dubai where the temperature can be as low as 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

• Visa – It is necessary to apply visa when travelling to Dubai, citizens from few countries such as USA and UK is able to get their visa on arrival in Dubai. There are different rules for different countries when travelling to Dubai, you can check your local travel agency what requirements you need to travel to Dubai.

• Liquor – Tourists are not allowed to buy liquor in the local stores in Dubai, and residents in Dubai have to have license to buy liquor at the liquor shop. But you can purchase liquor or alcoholic drinks in hotel bars and nightclubs or from duty free shops upon arrival in Dubai.

• Month of Ramadan – Avoid travelling to Dubai in the month of Ramadan It will not be fun and entertaining at all, as this is a holy month for them and it is dedicated to praying and fasting.

• Car rentals – car rentals are the best choice rather than riding a taxi or cab in Dubai as this can be pricey. It is safe but it is expensive. If you should take a taxi or cab make sure you know where to go and how to take the route as some drivers can make you feel like you are on a sightseeing cab, they can drive you further away or around your destination. And in additional Dubai is a left hand driven area.

• Accommodations – There are lots of hotels and rental houses or apartments in Dubai that will be available, but you need to contact the hotel or houses for rents ahead of time to make a deal in advance, or if you are lucky the travel package already come with a hotel accommodation. When travelling as a group it is cheaper to rent an apartment or townhouse near the city or resort.

• The Law and safety in Dubai – Dubai is perfectly safe travel destination for kids, women and elderly. Dubai is an Islamic city therefore there are tough laws against criminal acts. Dressing inappropriate is punishable by law. Make sure you dress conservatively when going into public places such as restaurants and shopping malls.

• Language – Dubai is an international city English is primarily spoken amongst residents in Dubai besides their national language Arabic. It will be a compliment for them if you know a little Arabic such as hello, goodbye and thank you in Arabic.

• Driving in Dubai – International Driving license is a must in Dubai.

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