Restaurants in Dubai

A city that is known as a cosmopolitan of variety of culture and lifestyle that have attracted thousands of tourists as well as international business nevertheless restaurants with different cultural backgrounds and there are lots of variety when it comes to food and drinks.

The city offers the tourists and the locals a diversified range of delicious cuisines and because of its population of locals and foreign the choices are endless. Arabian dining is regarded as the best in Dubai with its array of exotic dishes and travelers are offered the most beautiful dining area in the world, travelers will find many Arabian restaurants in the city. The usual and traditional Arabian foods are Shawarma, Kebabs, Arabic Bread, Arabian Cuisine is a mixed of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian food so you will also see Hummus and Falafel is very common as well.

Arabic food is full of different spices and they usually smell beautifully and very healthy like the salad which they call Tabouleh which is so delicious made of tomatoes, parsley and bulgur this is usually a side dish along with hummus.
Besides the traditional Arabic cuisines there are also Chinese, Mexican, Asian, African and much more. The restaurants are classified into 3 pricing categories;

• Expensive over 500Dh
• Moderate 150 Dh to 500 Dh
• Cheap Under 150Dh
The restaurants like hotels are also categorized according to starts, a 5 star restaurant can be expected to be expensive but with a great view and ambiance, even a 3 star restaurant in Dubai is good and very hygienic it is also safe to eat there.
There are fast food chains as well all over the city such as McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and many more.
The famous restaurants in Dubai are;
• Raffles Dubai
• Ossiano Restaurant
• Hilton Dubai Creek
• Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire
• Vus Restaurant
• Ronda Locatelli
• Nobu
• Bice
• Jw’s Steakhouse
• Frankies
• Dhow ka Aangan

For romantic dinner in Dubai
• Medzo
• Glasshouse
• Dow cruise
• Thiptara
• Mun Chi
• Pierchic
• Bataeux
• II Rustico

Restaurants for family with children
• Planet Hollywood
• Boardwalk
• Waves
• Downtown Deli
• Gardinia
• TGI Fridays
• The Alamo
• Maleco

Vegetarian restaurants in Dubai
• Bombay Udupi Restaurant
• Sangeetha Restaurant
• Himalaya Vegetarian Restaurant
• Akshaya Restaurant
• Gopalas Restaurant
• Hind Restaurant
• Venus Group of Restaurant
• Sukh Sagar

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