Dhow Cruise

If you are in Dubai and want to experience this amazing city on different way, you can order a two-hour cruise on the Dubai creek under the lunar sky. Cruises conducted in a traditional decorated wooden dhow (wooden boat). You could experience all major Dubai landmarks shine through the darkness, which gives a different experience.

Dhow Cruise is novel experience, cruising down the Dubai creek and watching the city nightlight shimmer from the lake, it is a magical feeling. Along with Dinner and belly dancing on a Dhow Cruise you will have a great experience being away from the busy city and just view it from a Dhow Cruise.

Most romantic events are held on Dhow Cruise, you can arrange a romantic dinner with your date and have the finest dishes served at your table. It is best to take the Dhow Cruise in the evening where you can have a different view of the city.
You can also take a Dhow Cruise at day where you get toured around in the historical places in Dubai, this is called sightseeing Dhow Cruise where they set up a route for you to see the historical and photographic places in Dubai. This is a great way to see the places in Dubai without the hassle of the hectic city.

If you are on a business meeting and needs corporate lunches, make the reservations ahead of the business meeting time, you can enjoy a successful meeting conducted on a Dhow Cruise, which can be both economical and efficient.

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