The food of Dubai and the UAE are of great variety. To get one of your best food experiences, try to walk on one of the so called “people’s restaurants” where you can get an experience of a genuine atmosphere of the decor, the staff and of course food.

Some of the traditional dishes are:

Arayes: thin bread filled with minced beef, onions and hot spices
Dolmeh: Dolmer vine leaves which is filled with rice and spices
Hammour: is a typical local fish. The fish usually contain some bones
Moutabel: there  are artistic chefs moss which is eaten as a starter with a thin bread
Umm Ali: a warm, sweet dessert – this is originally from Egypt

Apart from “people restaurant, you have the opportunity to experience a fantastic buffet at one of Dubai’s many first class hotels.

Dubai is an international city, where there is a mix of different cultures. This skim through when it comes to food in Dubai. Here you can have dishes ranging from: Lebanese, Indian, Thai etc.. Should you want pork, you can buy it in certain supermarkets, however it is stored away from other goods. If you go out and eat you can get everything from fast food to more luxurious dishes. It depends on what mood you’re  in. The price is 25 to 350 pounds. Hygiene at the restaurants are top notch.

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