Business Customs

Once you have created a business network it is important that you know the expectations that the business network has for you.
1. it’s a good idea to have a business card in both English and Arabic, and it is colorful
2. Be polite and show good manners
3. It is important that you have patience when it comes to the meetings. You can be interrupted and will also be placed on hold position before the meeting.
4. Always come on time for meetings
5. Small talk is important because it helps to create networks for you
6. When it comes to drinking coffee, there are different rules. You are offered Arabic coffee with cardamom taste, you receive the little cup with your right hand. Do you get the coffee served in a finer Coffee pot, you should take at least two cups – three cups are acceptable. Once you’ve had enough, just shake the cup, which signal you’ve had enough coffee. A “no” is not polite.
7. Courtesy and hospitality are the hallmarks of the Arab world, and therefore you will find that the meetings will be held over a lunch or dinner. It is important that you reciprocate the invitation.
8. When it comes to dressing up, it’s a good idea that women dress conservatively. The men can wear a shirt with long sleeves. But suits are standard at most meetings.

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