In relation to construction Dubai is the world’s most propulsive cities, investments, labors and economics as well. It is a city that is constantly changing. Dubai helps to create unique buildings, opulent architecture and artificial islands.
The momentum of Dubai is to make it attractive to invest in it. Right now there is an increase of 20-30 percent between project commencement and completion.

The significant presence of ports has and the natural resources in Dubai have boosted the economy of Dubai, the ports of Dubai attract business prospects for western manufacturers. Besides the Oil and other natural resources like natural gas contributes around 3% of the UAE’s gross domestic product, and the modern banking and financial centers in the city are focused in the port area, which add to the economy of Dubai.

Since 1970 and 80’s Dubai has been a trade route until 1990 Dubai free trade in gold encourage smuggling gold bricks to India. Jebel Ali was built in 1970’s and has been named as the first man made island or harbor in the whole world and has then become the hottest tourist spot and business destination has boost the economy of Dubai. The specific free zone area set up by the government throughout the city to increase the business in Dubai, Dubai has now a Media City and Internet City consisting of IT firms such as Microsoft, EMC corporations, IBM and Oracle Corporation, and media organizations such as CNN, MBC, AP, ARY and Reuters, Dubai government target to boost up the market of foreign industries.

Foreign Industries led to the creation of Dubai Knowledge Village, a hub for training and providing education to prospective knowledge workers.
Dubai is prosperous and wealthy city and has a huge contribution to the gross economy of UAE.

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