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According to the new information from the Department of Tourism, Dubai Airport is the world’s 3rd best airport. According to the Arab Emirated themselves theor goal is to be the world’s best and at a fastest pace. The airport since it has been opened in 1985, has received different prizes, such as in 2007 when they have won an award for “Airline of the Year” by Aviation Business Awards. Another prize the airport has received is from Business Traveller’s readers where they won the “Bets First Class in The World”. The Airport is a free zone, because you can buy everything under the sun before you depart the airport.

It is a good idea to buy plenty of liquors at the airport, because only the restaurants and hotels serve alcoholic drinks.
Emirates has bought some reinforcements like Boeing 777 and A380 aircraft, used on a weekly basis, which can carry 17.5 million passengers and 1.2 million tons of baggage.  This is actually equivalent to 800 aircrafts, which facilitates every week. For that reason they have seen that it is necessary and it is also their desire to provide the best services to their passengers.

For this to succeed, passengers now have 100 destinations spread over 62 countries. Another initiative that Emirates has taken is a private suite at the first class on selected flights. If you want to travel in style, then try to fly while seated on your luxury suite. You get your own storage, coat closet and your own mini bar. Besides, you get an extra large seat that converts into a bed when you get tired during the flight. There is also a 23 widescreen TV with 600 channels to choose from if you want to watch a movie. When you get hungry, you will served an a la carte gourmet menu with an extensive wine menu.

When you fly with Emirates, you have the opportunity to contact your family and friends back home. There is a telephone connected to all the seats on the planes, which you can use for the price of 25 dollars per minute ( from the dollar March 12 2008). You can also use your credit card or purchase a phone card from the flight attendants. Another possibility is that you can send and receive text messages and emails to any email address in the world. It costs 5 dollars per message. On selected flights (Airbus A340-500) allows you to log in to your private email from your portable WIFI ready laptop.

If you want to get updated on what’s happening on Dubai Airport, you have the chance of it while you are in the flight.

The UAE consist of 7 emirates and the UAE have their own airport, Al Ain Airport in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi international airport, Dubai International Airport, Fujairah International Airport, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah International Airport.
The list of UAE Airlines
• Gulf Air
• Emirates Airlines
• Air Arabia
• Ethiad Airways
• Air France
• British Airways
• Lufthansa
• Cathay Pacific
• Alitalia
• Saudi Airlines
• Malaysia Airlines
• Qatar Airlines
• Air India
• Oman Air
• Iran Air
• Austrian Air
• Daallo Air
• Syrian Air
• Royal Air Maroc
• Cyprus Air
• Jupiter Airlines
• Rak Airways
• Syrian Air
• Air Charter
• Fly Dubai
• Air Canada
• Eastern Sky Jets
• Turkish Airline
• Royal Jet Company
• AeroVista Airlines
• Abu Dhabi Aviation
• Fly Ave
• Yemenia Airlines
• Falcon Aviation Services
• Kang Pacific Airlines
• Japan Airlines
• Palm Aviation
Departure hall offers 221 check in counters with 42 inch plasma screen providing information of flight information and guides for the passengers to their desired check in counters, a separate check in counter for Emirates first and Business Class passengers.

Passport Control and E-gate
All passengers proceeding to passport control need to have their boarding pass or cards and passports in hand. The E-gate facility is also available for faster transactions and procedures. You will have a smart card that you have to use in e-gate for electronic screening of your data, a smart carries all relevant information about the holder and in order to obtain the smart card you have to at least 17 years old. To register for a smart card you can do that at the DNRD office on the first floor of Dubai International Airport, at the departure building in Terminal 1.

Terminal Service at Sheikh Terminal
At this level you will find duty free stores and banks, internet services as well as entertainment for kids, there are also business facilities and medical care and many more.

Dubai International Airport Hotel
Airport Hotel has 78 Deluxe rooms, 6 junior suites and 2 royal suites, International Airport Hotel is located at the 3rd level of Dubai International Airport. Offers a great view of Dubai Airport runway, all rooms are fitted with TV’s, minibars, luxurious bathrooms. There are also special rooms for disabled and the rooms is available at hourly rate.

Business Centre in Dubai International Airport
There are over 5 meeting rooms for conference meeting and state of the art communication system, 8 work stations and full secretarial office services support facilities.

Health Club in Dubai International Airport
Passengers have access to the swimming pools, Jacuzzi and fitness centers.

Banking in Dubai International Airport
Exchange is available 24 hours and is located at gate 8, 18 and 22

Business Facilities in Dubai International Airport
Passengers have 2 choices of 2 business centre, one is called Global Link and the other one is called Connect.

Dining in Dubai International Airport
There are over 25 food and drink outlets in Dubai International Airport, from fast food to all kinds of cuisines

Entertainment in Dubai International Airport
There are women’s lounge and children’s play area.

Internet Service
Beside Global Link and Connect, passengers has also access to the internet while waiting for their flight, internet is available in touch screen kiosk where you can use your credit card to use the internet.

Dubai International Airport has 36 lounges which consists of first class, business class, airline, quite lounge and regular or economy lounges.

First Class Lounges – is located between gate 114 and 112, where you have a variety of options of food and beverages.
Business Class Lounge – is located beside gate 108, business lounge offers rooms by the hour and work stations with computer and internet, with separate rooms for non smokers and smokers.

Medical Care in Dubai International Airport
Dubai International Airport is one the very few airports who have a Medical Center, this is located at the ground level
Prayer room – there are four special rooms that is dedicated for prayers, 2 ladies and 2 for men.
Post office in Dubai International Airport – Post office at Dubai International Airport is open 24 hours, includes express parcel service.

Shopping at Dubai International Airport – Dubai Duty Free is a facility of 5.400 sq. meters of shoppers paradise, here you can buy anything duty free.

Dubai International Airport for disabled or special needs
There are dedicated desks for disabled and seniors between row A and B.

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