Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar, and every year during this month the Muslims around the world spend daily hours in complete fasting. On this month every year the Muslims are called to reflect on their lives of Islamic guidance, where they get the chance to bond with their family and friends, forgive those who have wronged them and essentially clean the bad habits, thoughts and feelings.

The word Sawm in Islamic means fasting or to refrain and Muslims all over the world during day time are not allowed to eat or drink, it does not only means refraining from food and drink but for evil thoughts and feelings as well as words, they are to meditate and reflect on their lives. Mosques at this very month of Ramadan are filled with people praying and meditating.

Fasting is not only restraining for food and drink but Ramadan means that the whole body shall not sin at all, the eyes shall not see unlawful things, the ears shall not hear gossip or bad things, the feet shall not enter any sinful places, Ramadan means that every part of a person’s body is observing the fast.

The last 10 days of Ramadan is a time for special spiritual power to come closer to their God through devotion and good deeds, according to Qu’ran the 27th day of Ramadan is better than a thousand months, therefore lots of Muslims dedicate this day for prayers.

Food in Ramadan
Since Ramadan is a special month for Muslims all over the world, the food preparation is also special from their family cuisines and food specialty. Following the custom of Prophet Mohammed the day ends with a prayer and dinner, since dinner is a family sacred time for everyone in the world Muslims during Ramadan invites close friends and family to eat dinner together.

During Ramadan it is very common for Muslims to go to Majid or Mosque and spend long hours praying and studying the Qu’ran. In addition to the 5 daily prayers, there is a special prayer called the Taraweeh also known for the night prayer, the length of this prayer is 2 or 3 times linger than the daily prayer, some Muslims spend their whole evening praying Taraweeh Prayer.

O the evening of either 21st 23rd 25th27th or 29th of the month , Muslims around the world celebrate the Laylat- al-Qadr or The Night of Power. It is believed the Prophet Mohammed received the revelation of the holy book Qu’ran this is when God determines the course of the following year.

When the Fast ends, the first day is called Shawwal it is celebrated like we celebrate Christmas, exchanging gifts and eating great foods and or city fairs celebrating the end of Ramadan.

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