Hospitals and Doctors

When traveling it is always essential to have health insurance, even in such a liberal and safe country as Dubai, there are public hospitals in Dubai which are very good and clean, they deal with emergencies free of charge. It is very important that you are also prepare regarding health insurance if you need to be taken to a private hospital where it can be expensive, it is a good thing that your health insurance can cover the expenses or half of it.
Doctors in Dubai

If you in a hotel and need a doctor, you can just call the room service or the front desk to ask for a doctor, you can also call your embassy for suggestions on hospital or doctor.
Medicines in Dubai

It is not a good idea to bring medicines in Dubai unless you have a doctors prescriptions or letter saying that it is highly important that you have your pills or medicines with you. Lots of medicines are available at Dubai’s pharmacy and there is at least one pharmacy in Dubai that is 24 hours open. You can check the local news paper for more information or call the emergency number which will be given to you at the airport or hotel if not you can search for it on the internet while you are at home and have it on your wallet wherever you go.

Here are the list of Public hospitals in Dubai

• Al Wasl Hospital – located at Qud Metha Road
• New Dubai Hospital – Near the Hyatt Regency Hotel
• Rashid Hospital – Near Burj Dubai also in Qud Metha Road

Private Hospitals

• American Hospital Dubai – located near the Burj Dubai
• Emirates Hospital – Located at Jumeirah Beach Road
• Welcare Hospital – Deira Garhoud

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