Here you can get a quick overview of Dubai’s demographics. It has been
down in point form, to give you information faster.

There are approximately 1,026,000 inhabitants in Dubai where 80 percent of the
original inhabitants.
The currency is UAE Dirham

Time Zone: GMT + 4

Language: Arabic. English is spoken by many.

Islam is Dubai’s official religion

Demographic of Dubai is concerned about the population, culture, language and religion, according to the latest survey of Statistical Center of Dubai there present total of population is;

Female population around 349.000

Male population around 1.073.000

These sums up to 1.422,000 Dubai Residents

Dubai demography includes the survey of cultural heritages, Dubai is a diverse cultural community, the total population of Dubai belongs to UAE nationals, and approximately 71% of total Dubai population belongs to various nationalities and this includes Indian, Filipino, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other Asian Communities as well as Europeans. 3% of Dubai emigrants are originated from western countries.

As for the language variations, despite the national language Arabic, there are lots of other languages spoken due to the diversity of the city. English language is well known in Dubai because of its tourists.

The state religion in Dubai is Islam, Dubai Emirates is primarily based on Sunni Muslim Culture and Dubai has large mosques around the city. Other religion such as Hindi, catholic, Christian are accepted in Dubai.

Showing all disrespect for their culture and religion Islam is punishable by law in Dubai.

It is also a must that you cover your skin while you are in public areas in Dubai and you can only wear swimming attire inside hotel premises, and there are no alcohol in the nightclubs in Dubai except for Hotel Bars and Nightclubs.

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