Dubai has been known for luxury homes and lots of people have invested on properties in Dubai and some settled in Dubai for good. Dubai properties have been a hot topic for conversation for investors may it be business or properties and some countries have even real estate specializing in selling properties in Dubai.

Since May 2002 the crown prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum allowed non Emirati to purchase residential properties in some areas of Dubai the result were of great success and there were more and more foreigners who invested in residential properties in Dubai which gave Dubai the economic advantage.

As Dubai properties continue to develop more and more investors are coming to Dubai to buy their 2nd home or even their primary home, or vacation houses. Investing in property has been a long popular for of achievements for most people all over the world. Dubai investment is no different to other home investments in other countries, you still need a great amount of capital to purchase your dream house and you need to research the places where you want to live and you have to contact a real estate agent if you want to buy a home in Dubai.

Property prices have increased over the year, the reason can be because of the high demands for properties in Dubai and because the properties have become better and bigger and more luxurious in time.

The best deals for properties is on the internet, when you are searching for the best deals on properties in Dubai, you can find lots of different real estate agents on the internet, that can help you search the right luxury home for you and that will fit your budget and preference.

There are range of options, there are more than 20 residential communities in Dubai which are completed and partly completed or some of them are announced on sale, making it everyone no matter the budget and preference easy to find a new home located Dubai. There are residential properties located more or less 20 kilometers from the central business district, and along side the Burj Dubai and financial city as well as there are luxury homes in The Palms.

No matter the location you will find Dubai’s dynamic environment. You can live in a luxurious villa, apartment building or townhouses with a city view or sea view, it is all up to your taste. You can choose city living or waterfront locations or desert setting where you can enjoy the sun set and sun rise in the morning and smell the wonderful morning air. Whether you’re taste is for traditional Arabic or Old English or Modern living you can find lots of choices and styles in properties in Dubai.

The Cost of Properties

As written above there are lots of properties that will suit each and individual budget, and that will fit everyone’s satisfaction. From young bachelor or bachelorettes or family houses or even a millionaire seeking its mansion on a hilltop you find what you are looking for in Dubai.

For new residential properties, you can book or reserve a room or apartment ahead of time, you can also already see their prices their sizes and what you can expect from the place. For secondary residential market is also taking shape in Dubai, as everyone wants to sell their old properties to either buy a new one somewhere else in Dubai or can no longer afford the payment or either move back to their home countries, these are also good investment there are also lots of real estate agents who takes over secondary residential properties to sell it forward to someone else.

Regarding the amnesties and facilities, most residential properties have either club house for the residents of certain villa or apartment building. Residents are accustomed having a great range of recreational facilities with no extra charges.
There is a Standard Amenities – it can differ from building or villas to villas but normally there is an exercise and leisure, swimming pools, tennis and squash courts. Some residential communities are provided with full complement of dining outlets and even convenience stores as well as shopping centers. Some residential properties are located near a 5 star hotel this could mean like inside the Burj Dubai community you have the same access as the hotel visitors, you can access their resorts and pools as well as other amenities and leisure you also have the opportunity to visit the biggest and largest mall in the world.

So what is the procedure when buying a residential property in Dubai?

First you need to know what you are looking for what type of home you would want to purchase, try searching the web for the different locations in Dubai where there are residential properties, the second step is to know your budget, the third is to contact a real estate broker, make sure the broker is registered and professional and have dealt with selling properties in Dubai.

There are 23 areas in Dubai that you can choose from

• Jemeirah Palm Island
• The Jebel Ali Palm Island
• World Islands
• Warsan I
• Um Hurari II
• Nad Al Shiba
• Marsa Dubai
• Mardiff
• Barsha South II
• Barsha South III
• Al Safouh I and II
• The Emirates Hills I, II & III
• Al Rawiya
• Jebel Ali
• Ras Al Khour
• Al Jaddaf
• Sheikh Zahed Road
• Industrial Quoz II and III
• Al Quoz III

These are the area where non-locals are not allowed to buy properties this is only for foreign investors.
When you have found a place for your new home, you can then tell the real estate agent, you can apply for housing loan, and you can find lots of real estate companies that offer housing loans for Dubai properties.

When buying a property in Dubai you automatically get a residential visa which also will be forwarded to the buyer if you should choose to resell your property.

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