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Before heading to Dubai, it’s a good idea to inform you about what practices have been found in the region. Therefore, here are a guide line with eight points, then you already know in advance what is expected of you.

• Wear a bikini at the beach or pool, but when you step into the public forum, tires you out of respect for the culture of Dubai. when you’re swimming or sunbathing, do not throw the top or wearing g-strings.

• Give a tip when you’re out to eat – 15% is normal costume.

• Before you bring a magazine to Dubai, remember that most magazines and movies in Dubai is censored, because the population is very sensitive to sexual tinted pictures or movie scenes.

• Do not take drugs in Dubai. after the zero tolerance rule and you will be put into it, you’ll get up to 4 years in prison.

• Do not be too passionate towards each other in public spaces because that Dubai is a Muslim country and a kiss on the mouth may offend those around you

• Do not drink in public spaces. Stick to the places that have an alcohol license.

• Do not expect a taxi driver bill has money. Have always small slips.

• Do not make rude hand gesture, as it may result in detention.

Travelling with children
Dubai is a family oriented city and small children are welcome and also appreciated everywhere, lots of hotels in Dubai have wide variety and selection of kid’s meal, as well as in room service. Normally small children or infants are not allowed to be brought in restaurants at night, you can call ahead of time to ask permission to bring infant to the restaurant or you can ask the hotel if they offer baby sitting service, as most hotels do.

There are lots of things to do for kids when you are in Dubai, there are lots of amusement parks, aquarium, ski complex, sand boarding, indoors as well as outdoors playground. Most of the hotels in Dubai have green area where kids can play or they are located near a shopping mall or amusement parks. Children below 12 years old have discounts on museums and amusement parks.

Women travelling to Dubai

Dubai is extremely safe for women travelers; they are treated with respect, nevertheless women travelling alone are novelty, you might catch unwanted attention. You will feel more relaxed if you stay in at least 4 or 5 star hotel where you can use their private beach resort and facilities. Although women in Dubai are more liberal than the rest of the UAE, you still have to dress respectfully, if you want to avoid hassles and or risk of offense, do not wear tight clothes or clothes that will show off your shoulder, breasts or legs.
One advantages for women travelling to Dubai is that you will get served first, at banks, post offices and other government offices.

Disabled travelers

Lots of hotels in Dubai have rooms or facilities that are made specially for disabled visitors, there are also parking spaces for disabled anywhere you go in Dubai, shopping malls in Dubai as well as the airport is also designed to welcome disabled travelers.

When talking about health issues in Dubai, there are no vaccination required for travelling to UAE, the only thing that most countries require is vaccine for tetanus, vaccine for polio may also be a great idea.
Sun lotion is a must when you travel to a hot and sunny country such as Dubai, bring also hat and sunglasses. For children might be a good idea to bring high factor sun cream.

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