Aquaventure is one of the most popular water parks in Dubai with lots of rides and lots of amazing views of underwater creatures.

If you are not amazed yet by all the adventures and attractions that you can experience in Dubai, you will have a breath taking moment knowing and reading about Aquaventure, maybe because of this you will have an earlier flight to Dubai.
Aquaventure is different from the rest of the water parks in Dubai, one is that it is located perfectly at the Palm Islands, and the set up is perfect as well. This is the jewel crown of water parks in Dubai which is located at Atlantis Dubai.
Aquaventure has 7 water slides and one of the them is the “leap of fate” which is 27.5 tall and 61 meter long, Ziggurat catapults riders into a transparent tunnel and through a shark filled lagoon, where you find guitar sharks, white tip, black tip and reef sharks and at the end of the tunnel a great slide awaits you.

There are lots of water rides including tidal pools, rapid and swells and also waves nearly as 7 feet high. Other than the rides you can also have an extra ordinary experience by swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Bay. Dolphin Bay is part of marine ecosystem built around lost world of Atlantis.

A real magical place for all ages, there are also restaurants, beach resort and river rides at Aquaventure, just 700 meters away from aquaventure you can relax and unwind at the beach and this is exclusive for Aquaventure and Dolphin Bay guests.

Other things you can experience is, dine at the most magical restaurants or drink and enjoy your coffee or cocktail at one of their bars or you can discover the secrets of Atlantis at The Lost Chambers, you will find exotic array of sea creatures here.

For relax and unwinding moment you can go to their spa and have an alone time while your kids enjoy the Aquaventure,.

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