There are great opportunities for under water adventures. If you visit Dubai because of its limited water current and power, this is a great opportunity to go diving and snorkeling especially if you are a beginner. You can see exciting wonders on your trip below the surface. For more spectacular outdoor experiences, you can also visit Khor Fakkan and Dibba.

In here, it depends on the season , there are turtles and reef sharks and from time to time you can also see leopards and whale sharks.

In Musandam Dibba you can have great experience in Diving in warm water, Dibba is one of the most famous diving area where you find different marine species and about 80 species of whales and Dolphins as well as 700 species of fishes.

At Khor Fakkan Beach you have the also the opportunity to dive or snorkeling , you can take a speed boat to the coral islands and you also have the opportunity to swim with sharks at sharks island and swim with the friendly reef sharks. A great way to have an underwater experience.

Other Diving areas such as Jebel Ali resort where you also have the opportunity to dive or snorkeling,.
And you can also dive at Dubai Aquarium and swim with the sea turtles, sharks and many other underwater species.
For unique diving experience you can have night diving in Fujairah. Diving at night gives you the opportunity to sea underwater creatures that is awake at night, a wonderful experience that you will not forget.


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