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Short About Dubai’s History

Dubai wan until 1830 a coastal town where the population sold fish, pearls and a little farming for living. In that period, Baniyas tribe population occupied Dubai.The first development occurred in late 1800, receiving tax cuts as part of a future vision, to get foreign companies to Dubai. In the beginning companies from India and Pakistan and settled in Dubai.
From 1892 to 1968, Dubai was under British protection, and when Britain withdrew from the country in 1968, it was then the formation of the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

In 1971, all 7 emirates gathered together and formed the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was created by the Board, where the members of the Board where a leader from each emirate. Every 5 years they elect a Council President, and since 1971, Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan served as president in Dubai. In 2006, Sheik Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum leader of Dubai, but in 2006 he died of a heart attack, so his younger brother, Crown Prince Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, took over the post immediately.

In 1966, where they discovered oil, which means there was built schools, hospitals, established infrastructure and modern telecommunications also came to Dubai.

The airport and the port were also established and even then it evolved as the largest and most beautiful the world has ever seen. Since 1966 the development has soared.

Indoor ski resort, the world’s only 7 star hotel, impressive architectural buildings have been built. Furthermore, there are ongoing projects that the Palm: which is an artificially created island, with 17 independent branches. On this island, there are residences, hotels, shopping malls and now they are building a 5 star dive center, which they have planned to sink 3 planes, to create an interesting rev for both marine life and divers. To make it more exciting they have planned to throw one gold bar everyday, for the divers to find.

The Palm is the beginning of a project where there should be three in total. The World of 300 artificial islands, located just outside the Jumeirah Beach.

The islands are located so that together they depict the world. And the world’s tallest building Burj Dubai, the world’s largest airport, etc. All projects must contribute to Dubai will be tourist favorite tourist spot.

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