Dubai is a place that offers dynamic and luxurious as well as tax free lifestyle, which attract people from every corner of the world and although the country UAE is quite strict at their laws and culture they still provide a hearty welcome to their visitors with a sense of comfort and friendly environment.

As for women Dubai is very liberal when it comes to their women than the rest of the Emirates, moreover for women of UAE Dubai is better place to live in. Dubai wants every citizen to contribute to the evolving phase of their city. Therefore women have been an inseparable part of the society. So women in Dubai has been treated with a great deal of respect, this is due to women has grown together with Dubai’s vast development. There has been constant effort improving women’s lives in Dubai ever since the Dubai starts to evolve into a beautiful and most attractive city in the world.

As far as dressing for women, Islamic Culture is still highly respected and therefore no women in Dubai have the permission to wear clothes that shows off their shoulder and legs and any sinful part of the body. This is also highly recommended for the visitors as it is taken as a disrespectful or offensive action in Dubai to wear something sexy. For the local women, they dress according to their national costumes such as Abaya.

Regarding the safety of the women in Dubai, although the modern lifestyles in Dubai Islamic laws are taken highly serious in Dubai, it should be respected by all citizens and visitors in Dubai. This is why dressing sensibly is a must for everyone’s safety and women are not allowed to be over friendly to Arab men as this can be easily misinterpreted.

As for education for women, Emirates offers all and complete education for men as well as for women, there are schools that are for women only as well. As Dubai and the rest of the Emirates are taken into another level in education it is highly required to have an educational degree in Dubai. As for the last 10 years there are have been an upscale level in women attending schools in Dubai and this has the government seen as a positive outcome. And since Dubai’s population is moreover foreigners it is a necessity to have English writing and reading as well as speaking skills.

There are still some primary traits when it comes to women in Dubai as far as their education, dressing style and employment is concerned this all have to do with the safety maintenance for women in Dubai.

Here you can read about what to do and certainly not try to do in Dubai.
• Wear a bikini at the beach or pool, but when you step into the public places, tires you out of respect for the culture of Dubai. When you’re swimming or sunbathing, do not throw your top or wear g-strings.
• Give a tip when you’re out to eat – 15% is normal costume.
• Before you bring a magazine to Dubai, remember that most magazines and movies in Dubai is censored, because the population is very sensitive to sexual tinted pictures or movie scenes.
• Do not take drugs in Dubai. They live by the zero tolerance rule and you will be put into it, you’ll get up to 4 years in prison.
• Do not be too passionate towards each other in public spaces because that Dubai is a Muslim country and a kiss on the mouth may offend those around you.
• Do not drink in public places. Stick to the places that have an alcohol license.
• Do not expect a taxi driver bill has money. Have always small slips.
• Do not make rude hand gesture. This can lead to imprisonment

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