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The leader of Dubai, at the end of 1800 has chosen tax cuts to attract foreign companies. Since that time, foreign firms in Dubai’s Free Zone do not pay personal or business taxes. The Fact is also that if companies import goods in free zones, will not pay customs fees on these good. Dubai has different kinds of free zones. To give you an insight on how free zones are created here are some few descriptions.

Dubai free Zone has been the factor why many investors from all over the world has been attracted to invest in Dubai, within the free zone businesses are provided infrastructure, freedom from local rules and restrictions. Dubai Free zone allows foreign companies 100% tax free income, and expatriate manpower.
These are the business opportunities in Dubai

Exporting to Dubai – manufactured goods and food are main exports in Dubai, automobile, sspare parts home accessories, luxury products are the other major items that are a great scope for exporting goods in Dubai.

Tourism – Dubai is one of the hottest tourist spot in the world, almost every season all year round people from all over the world travel to Dubai, for luxury vacation, backpacker, and business travelers. People from near and far countries come to take part in Dubai shopping festivals, adventure in the desert or amusement park tours and many more. Tourism and hospitality business employs about half a million people. IT business has a great place in Dubai.

Technology Business Opportunities – It is one of the most in demand business in Dubai. Dubai Internet City or DIC is an Endeavour of UAE Government to promote information technology and development of free zone. Dubai Internet City offers aspirant business with financial, infrastructure and logistic assistance.

Infrastructure Development and Handicraft Business – Dubai real estate is also has a great demand, new development projects are coming up and there are constant new structures new, town houses, apartments and luxury condos that are being built in Dubai. This sector is ideal for promoters, architects and civil engineers, interior designers and etc. For handicrafts, Dubai is a major market for it, people from many regions come to sell their handicraft products. For a more promotional strategy, you have to participate on shopping festivals where you can introduce your products to the local and foreign people in Dubai. Products such as jewelry, leather products, bamboo products, murals, wooden artworks and clay products are welcome in Dubai market as much as all the other products.

Restaurants and other food chains – Dubai as a cosmopolitan capital world despite the religion Islam they are well liberated when it comes to different cultural dishes. There are hundreds of restaurants and eateries on the streets of Dubai which serves the preference and taste buds of people from across the world.

Here are some of the very few major venues in Dubai for potential business.

• Jebel Ali Free Zone
• Dubai Internet City
• Dubai Media City
• Dubai International Financial Centre
• Dubai Airport Free Zone
• Marine City

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